Impeachment Hope Growing!
Clinton Lawyers Have Two Days For Defense

Posted December 7, 1998


Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) said Sunday, "If we voted today, the president would be impeached." DeLay, the unchallenged House Majority Whip, is known for his proficiency in predicting House votes, an important part of his job description. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde granted White House and Clinton lawyers two marathon days (30 hours total) to mount a legal defense before the Committee prior to members voting later this week.

After debate on the House floor, the full House will vote on impeachment next week.

While hopes have improved for impeachment of this President, moods in Washington undulate like the stock market. This is America's defining moment! While Majority Whip DeLay says only 5 Republicans are likely to vote against impeachment and that 5 Democrats will vote for it, anything could happen. It will be the repentance, prayer and responsible citizen action of God's people that will determine the final vote. The next two weeks should be a time for fasting and prayer for Christians who care about their children's future and the future of our Republic.

Please join with us in prayers of agreement (Mt 18:19-20):

  • Heavenly Father, grant your Church REPENTANCE and a Spirit of Prayer. DELIVER OUR CHILDREN from the rule of immoral and deceitful men (2 Chr 7:14; Dan 9:13-19; Hos 4:1-9; Pr 10: 29-32; 11:11; 12:5-7; 19:27-29).

  • Hear the prayers of Your people, Oh Lord. STOP the MOUTHS and EXPOSE the DECEIT of those who LOVE & DEFEND INIQUITY (Ps 108:40-43; 109:2-4).

  • Oh Lord, You are the Righteous Judge. Display Your TRUTH, RIGHTEOUSNESS & JUSTICE in the Impeachment Hearings this week, the Votes on Friday and next week! (Dt 32:4; Pr 17:15; Ps 7:9-17; 37:6-16; 100:5)

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