"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


December 1st, 1999



On January 22, 1998 - the 25th memorial of the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision - Rev. Patrick Mahoney was arrested for praying on the public sidewalk outside of the Capitol Women's Center, an abortion clinic in Washington, DC. Rev. Mahoney, a close friend of CHPA and director of the Christian Defense Coalition, a prophetic Christian activist organization based in Washington, is now being sued by the U.S. Attorney General under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE). The suit alleges that Rev. Mahoney's activities at the clinic have injured the United States. This lawsuit signifies that the Clinton Administration believes "abortion rights" are of greater importance than the sacred rights guaranteed under the First Amendment! The court case will begin deliberations on Thursday, December 9, in U.S. District Court in Washington, DC.

  • No one from the abortion clinic (worker, owner or client) is named as plaintiff or has alleged damages against Rev. Mahoney. In fact, the government has documented that Rev. Mahoney did not block anyone from entering or exiting the abortion clinic. (Editor's note: the Capitol Women's Center closed a few months after Rev. Mahoney prayed on the sidewalk.)

  • The U.S. Supreme Court has made it clear in past motions that the United States cannot sue as "the sovereign." The federal government has the right to sue on behalf of an individual, class, business or other injured party. Yet, in the case against Rev. Mahoney, the government is not representing any injured party except itself.

  • Rev. Mahoney's attorneys from the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) will argue that the DOJ does not have the standing or jurisdiction to bring this lawsuit and that the judge should dismiss the case, since no law was broken.

  • This case illustrates the radical pro-abortion agenda of the Clinton Administration. Through the vehicle of this lawsuit, abortion has now become "federalized." Simply put, anyone who is against abortion for any reason is also "against" the federal government.

  • This is an important case not just because it involves a dear friend of The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert. With this lawsuit, the Clinton Administration is seeking a nationwide injunction to limit all peaceful, pro-life activities at abortion clinics.

  • By comparison, over 100 homosexual activists recently barred the entrance to Trinity United Methodist Church in Grand Island, Nebraska, where Rev. Jimmy Creech was on trial for officiating at homosexual marriages. More than 70 of the protesters were arrested for trespass, fined only $48 each and then released. Of course, none of the homosexual activists was charged by the federal government under the FACE Act or any other federal law.

Lord, teach us to Pray:

  • Almighty God, we beseech You to grant wisdom and favor to Rev. Patrick Mahoney and the ACLJ. We ask that they will be as wise as serpents and gentle as doves (1 Kings 3:12; Matt 10:16; Jas 1:5).

  • Cause Judge Gladys Kessler to uphold justice and not be persuaded by deception or desire for political gain (Ex 23:1-9; Deut 16:18-20; Ps 7:6-9; Jas 1:16).

  • Bring confusion and disunity to the attorneys for the DOJ, who are standing against the pre-born and against that which is good in Your sight. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil (Ex 14: 24&25; 1 Sam 14:20; Is 5:18-25).

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God bless!"

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