Clinton "Answers" 81 Questions
Starr Relentlessly Grilled by Democrats

Posted November 28, 1998


Please join us in believing prayer:

Almighty God, giver of the law, we ask that justice be done for Your Name's sake. We ask that You continue to shine Your light on that which has been done in the dark. Grant WISDOM, COURAGE & STRENGTH to Henry Hyde and may he be GUIDED by Your Holy Spirit to lead the Judiciary Committee in the right path. Continue to PROTECT Ken Starr from the attacks of the enemy. And may TRUTH not be tarnished by lies. AMEN! (Ps 7:9-11; Pr 17:15; 19:28; 21:15; 28:4; 28:5; Micah 3:9-12; Zec 8:16-17; Mt 23:23)

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