GOP: God Or Politics?
Will Republicans Change Their Course?

Posted November 13, 1998

After losing five congressional seats in last week's election, House Republicans will meet November 18 to elect the leaders of the 106th Congress. This will help decide the road taken by the GOP: God or Politics-As-Usual.


Please join us in believing prayer:

Almighty God, Your Word declares, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the LordÍ" (Ps 33:12). We pray that the leadership that is voted into office will proclaim that God is the Lord of America. We ask that You grant to those in authority wisdom, knowledge, understanding and the fear of the Lord (Pr 2:1-7; Eph 1:17; Ja 1:5, 3:17). May the Republican leadership be those who have ears to hear the desires and commands of the Lord (Rev 4:22). Grant victory to Rep. Largent and Rep. Watts. May the will of the Sovereign Lord be done in the 106th Congress. We pray this in the Name of Jesus and to the Glory of God. AMEN!

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