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November 3rd, 1999

FBI Warns Police: Plan For Y2K
Clash With Religious Groups!


This week, in closed-door meetings in North Carolina, FBI experts will brief America's police chiefs and senior law enforcement officials on how to prepare for and deal with what they predict will be a serious threat during the year 2000: domestic violence by religious extremists!

  • The FBI has plans to distribute 16,000 pamphlets about this perceived threat and has recently published a 32-page study about it, dubbed "Project Megiddo." The study, named after the Israeli plain on which the Battle of Armageddon will one day be fought (see Rev 16:16), analyzes "the potential for extremist criminal activity in the United States by individuals or domestic groups who attach special significance to the year 2000."

    (see the FBI press release at http://www.fbi.gov/pressrm/pressrel/militias.htm)

  • From the report: "Religious motivation and the NWO [New World Order] conspiracy theory are the two driving forces÷biblical prophecy and political philosophy may merge into acts of violence by÷extreme members of domestic terrorist groups÷motivated, in part, by religion. The volatile mix may produce violent acts aimed at precipitating the end of the world as prophesied in the Bible÷

    "Within many right-wing religious groups there is a uniform belief that the Apocalypse is approaching. Some÷ point to a variety of non-religious indicators such as gun control, the Y2K computer problem, the NWO, the banking system, and a host of other "signs"÷ Almost uniformly, the belief among right-wing religious extremists is that the federal government is an arm of Satan. Therefore, the millennium will bring about a battle between Christian martyrs and the government. At the core of this volatile mix is the belief of apocalyptic religions and cults that the battle against Satan, as prophesied in the Book of Revelation, will begin in 2000."

  • The FBI study concludes: "Law enforcement officials should be particularly aware that the new millennium may increase the odds that extremists may engage in proactive violence specifically targeting law enforcement officers. Religiously motivated extremists may initiate violent conflicts with law enforcement officials in an attempt to facilitate the onset of Armageddon, or to help fulfill a 'prophesy'÷.[E]xtremists who are convinced that the millennium will lead to a One World Government may choose to engage in violence to prevent such a situation from occurring. In either case, extremists motivated by the millennium could choose martyrdom when approached or confronted by law enforcement officers. Thus, law enforcement officials should be alert for the following: 1) plans to initiate conflict with law enforcement; 2) the potential increase in the number of extremists willing to become martyrs; and 3) the potential for a quicker escalation of conflict during routine law enforcement activities (e.g. traffic stops, issuance of warrants, etc.)."

    (see the complete "Megiddo" report at http://www.fbi.gov/library/megiddo/publicmegiddo.pdf)

There is little doubt that extremist religious groups do exist in America, and that law enforcement officials must deal with any illegal acts they may perpetrate. Yet, with the memory of government missteps at Waco still fresh, and the FBI-Justice Department cover-up under investigation even now, it is extremely chilling for law-abiding, thinking Christians to read these words in print. Where is the balance?

Expert psychologists who analyzed the Waco tragedy believe FBI, BATF and military law enforcement methods aggravated the apocalyptic fears and reactions of the Branch Davidians. Will America's top law enforcement agencies now fan the vexations and fears of anti-government, fringe religious groups and law enforcement officers, too. And what about many law abiding but "politically incorrect" Christians who decry godless government policies and hold to some form of end-times Bible teaching? Will they, too, be "suspects" of local law enforcement officials, enflamed by the Clinton FBI?

Please Join us in Agreeing Prayer:

Heavenly Father, Restrain both spiritually unlearned bureaucrats and those who would maliciously use the Millennium as an opportunity to punish innocent Christians. Restrain, too, the religiously deceived and hate-driven from bringing reproach and punishment upon true believers (Ps 2:1-2; 2 Cor 3:12-13; 11:26; 1 Tim 4:6-10; 2 Pet 3:10-17).

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God bless!"

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