Chinagate: National Security Breached?

Posted October 23, 1998

While the Clinton White House is attempting to limit the scope of the impeachment investigation to the Lewinsky affair only, the House Judiciary Committee will proceed with a broad-based inquiry that includes what is being referred to as "Chinagate." The committee will investigate whether U.S. national security was breached by the Clinton administration in its efforts to raise money for the Democratic National Committee. As the evidence of guilt comes forth, questions of treason by the President and his cohorts must be addressed.


Prayer Targets:

Lord of Hosts, we pray for further EXPOSURE of the crimes and misdemeanors of the Clinton White House. May those things done in the dark be EXPOSED to the light of Christ (Lk 8:17). We ask WISDOM and COURAGE be given to the members of Congress (1Ki 3:11; Job 34:17). May they do what is right in Your sight and not just what seems best to them (Ps 7:7; Ps 9:8, 16). 'When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers (Pr 21:15)'. Therefore, let Your JUSTICE be done and may this nation return once again to her Creator and Judge. AMEN!

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