Priority #1: Election Prayer!

Posted October 16, 1998


Regardless of what Democrats or Republicans say, the November mid-term election will be a referendum on Bill Clinton's presidency. Republicans have had high hopes that Clinton's humiliation would lead to broad gains in both Houses of Congress. Clinton, too, understands his future rides on this election. A new Washington Post poll suggests that the tide is turning toward the Democrats: 51% of likely voters polled said they would vote for a Democratic Congressional candidate in November while only 42% said they would vote for a Republican. Sixty-two percent said they disapprove of the way Congress is handling the impeachment inquiry. Fifty-two percent said they trust Bill Clinton to handle the nation's problems more than the Republican Congress. The president's big wins in the current budget negotiations have proven to many that "he's still able to lead."

Only two full weeks remain before the election. In addition to thousands of state and local offices, 36 state governor's seats, 34 U.S. Senate seats and 435 U.S. House seats are at stake. Meanwhile, despite the hype by liberal media about the influence of conservative Christian groups, evangelical Christians have a pitiful track record (with the exception of 1994) for turning out to vote (Catholics are even worse). In 1996 fewer than 25% of eligible "born-again" Christians voted in the critical presidential campaign (and 37% of evangelicals and 48% of Catholics who voted, voted for Bill Clinton). Participation in the 1998 (this year's) primaries was the worst in American history. In this election, many important races will be decided by only a few votes. The participation (or lack thereof) of Christians will decide literally thousands of races across America.

Prayer Targets:

Prayer Targets:

  • Pray that Americans will AWAKEN to the emergency of our military's lack of readiness (Dt 28:15, 43-48; Neh 4:14; Pr 28:4; 2 John 11).

  • Pray that the Clinton Administration's designs to further weaken our military will be STOPPED (Ps 7:9, 149:6-9; Is 41:10-13; Jer 23:19&20).

  • Pray that the Congress will ARISE and take all necessary actions needed to repair our military (Is 1:17; Jn 14:13&14; Ro 12:21).

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