"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


October 6th, 1999

Nuclear Test Ban Vote Oct. 12;
Clinton Pressing a Still Stubborn Senate


Next Tuesday, October 12, the U.S. Senate will vote on ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), if the Republican Senate leadership holds firm. Signed by President Clinton in 1996, the treaty imposes upon its signatory nations an outright ban on all testing of nuclear weapons.

  • Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS), in announcing the vote, caught Democrats (including the White House) off guard. Republicans have succeeded in delaying the vote for over two years.

  • President Clinton immediately responded by launching an aggressive public relations and "arm-twisting" campaign, targeting 15 Republican senators he thinks might be persuadable. As of today, October 6, the President's efforts have produced little fruit. Lott has offered to postpone the vote until 2001, but only if the administration requests a delay.

  • A ratified CTBT would constrain the U.S., but would be unlikely to inhibit our enemies. Experts say compliance is not verifiable. Ratification, therefore, would be equivalent to unilateral dis-armament.

  • The complexity of U.S. weapons systems requires testing for the sake of maintenance and safety. Testing is required for basic modernization; obsolete components on aging weapons systems must be replaced. Even now, the U.S. nuclear arsenal is technologically aged. No testing of our devices has been conducted since 1992.

  • Red China, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and others who are developing nuclear weapons for possible use against the U.S., will not be deterred by the CTBT. The crude simplicity of some of their weapons makes testing less necessary. So far, only 23 of 44 "nuclear capable" nations have ratified the treaty.

  • Hearings are underway this week in the Senate Armed Services Committee. The White House has lined up an all-star cast of dignitaries and military experts to try to persuade America, effectively, to disarm. The White House has been expected to offer a trade: approval of a scaled-down missile defense system (long sought by Republicans) in exchange for ratification of the CTBT. But if current reports are correct, Democrat efforts to win Republican votes are failing.

Some modern liberals seem intent upon keeping our nation from defending herself from enemies within or without. America's aging nuclear arsenal cannot be kept as a safe, reliable and effective deterrent without regular, responsible testing.

Please join us in agreeing prayer:

  • Heavenly Father, our CONFIDENCE is in You. Grant REPENTANCE in our land that You might remain our nation's Shield and Buckler. Nevertheless, you teach that a nation's authorities ought not to bear the sword in vain, that men ought to be equipped before facing their enemies, that nations ought not let down their guard. Cause, Lord, our Senators soundly and PERMANENTLY to DEFEAT the misguided Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (2 Kg 20:12-18; Ps 35:1-4; 127:Mk 3:27; Lk 14:31-32; Rom 13:4; Eph 6:10-17).

  • Enable our Senators to WITHSTAND the lies, pressures, and temptations to accept any unholy political bargain. EXPOSE all lies and warped reasoning. May CTBT's defeat serve as a prelude to the passage of laws needed to build a missile defense system that will effectively guard our nation from the growing threat against us. AMEN! (1 Chr 12:32-33; Neh 4:14; Ez 33:2-6; Ps 31:6; 120:2; Mt 6:13)

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God bless!"

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