"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


January 5, 2000

God's Grace, Urgent Warnings, Restrain Y2K BUG!

"Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing
without revealing His plan to His servantsÖ" Amos 3:7


This weekend, the world welcomed the New Year with partying, pyrotechnics and pizzazz, although many did so with trepidation concerning the computer problem dubbed the Y2K Bug. Yet, by Tuesday morning, January 4, 2000, only minor glitches appear to have occurred.

  • The Pentagon admitted that on Friday, December 31, for at least three hours, part of the U.S. satellite spying system was blind. (Are there other such problems that have gone unreported?) 

  • Two of Spainís nine nuclear reactors are experiencing Y2K-related problems and Japan has had three systems associated with nuclear power plants hit by computer glitches. Here in the United States, officials at the Oak Ridge National Laboratoryís Y-12 nuclear weapons plant acknowledged computer troubles over the weekend. 

  • Approximately, 100,000 bank customers in Sweden were unable to access their bank accounts online because they had failed to update their browser software. In Denmark, a small part of one Danish bankís payment system was erased. 

  • The U.S. Naval Observatory, whose master clock in Washington serves as the nation's official source of time -- down to the precise second -- published a Web page to track the time -- as the century ended.    But a bug in the programming of the Web site informed visitors who passed midnight that the date was Jan. 1, 19100. Navy technicians fixed the problem by 2:10 a.m. EST.  Vice-President Al Goreís campaign Web posted a message from a supporter dated January 3, 19100. 

  • Trading on Wall Street seemed to go on without any computer glitches (although there is ìpanicî that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates soon). Investors perusing the Philadelphia Stock Exchangeís Web site were surprised to see Mondayís date as January 3, 100.

  • Reports from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms indicate they have experienced problems with systems responsible for electronic licensing and registration of gun dealers. Systems for background checks on gun buyers have not been affected.
Many now ask, ìWhy all the fuss? Nothing happened. Couldnít we have used all the money spent on this non-event by helping the homeless or feeding the poor?î But consider this: if the money spent to correct the Y2K problem (well over $100 billion in the U.S. alone) had not been spent, how would the poor and homeless be faring now? Where would our businesses, schools, banks, military -- indeed, all of us -- be, if the warnings of those in the know had not been heeded. Christians now must thank our loving and faithful Father for granting us grace and mercy. What could have happened did not happen. The world has been spared not by manís ability to solve this man-made problem, but by Godís merciful warnings to those He loves, the saved and lost alike. 

An even more important question may be, ìWill America, having avoided potential disaster, return to even greater spiritual complacency and moral recklessness than before?î If so, the problems that lie before us could supercede, by far, the Y2K problems we have just escaped!

Lord, teach us to pray!

  • Almighty God, we thank you for sparing us a calamity that could have caused worldwide chaos and confusion (Ex 34:6&7; Ez 20:14-22; Ps 89:14).

  • Lord, we know Your justice must be satisfied for the abominations we have committed: the shedding of innocent blood, the idolatry of power, money and sex, and the shameless desecration of Your Sabbaths. Yet, we ask You to extend Your mercy, yet again. Awaken Your Church and cause her to repent for her slumber, rebellion and apathy toward You. Let a spirit of national repentance be released across America. And may it begin in the heart of Your Church. In the Name of Jesus, AMEN! (Lev 26:14-33; Ex 23:37-39; Acts 17:30).

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Alan Keyes is one of America's most articulate spokesman for the sanctity of life. He speaks with great passion, wisdom and knowledge concerning God's role in the founding of our nation, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  And he is a man of faith and prayer. His associates have made a special request for prayer for Alan and his family during the coming months. If you would like to pray for Dr. Keyes in an informed manner, please send an e-mail message to the prayer coordinators at grassroots@keyes2000.org with Prayer Volunteer in the subject heading. You will then receive weekly prayer updates concerning his prayer needs.

This request for sincere prayer is not to be taken as an organizational endorsement by this ministry of this, or any other candidate for public office.

"Please check back with us as new matters for prayer are posted each week. By joining together with others, the power of our prayers are multiplied.

Please feel free to print and share these with your prayer group or pastor.

God bless!" 

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