"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


January 27, 2000

Sends Shockwave Into Republican Race


Texas Gov. George W. Bush was the decisive winner in the Iowa Republican caucuses (43% of the vote). Steve Forbes posted a strong second place finish (30%). But former Ambassador Alan Keyes' emergence from the remainder of the Republican pack was the real story to come out of the first voting of the 2000 election cycle. Keyes received 14% of the vote, 5 points ahead of Gary Bauer, 9 points ahead of Arizona Senator John McCain, and 13 points ahead of Utah Senator Orrin Hatch.

  • The British press, prior to the Iowa caucuses wrote, "ALAN KEYES, a fiery speaker and the only black candidate for either party in tonight's Iowa caucuses, is poised to cause an upset in the Republican race - and he need only finish third to do itÍ Mr. Keyes has spent recent weeks electrifying audiences across Iowa with speeches opposing abortion and championing morality, principle and the U.S. ConstitutionÍ That Mr. Keyes, Ronald Reagan's liaison man with the UN in the 1980s, should be galvanising (sic) audiences in this overwhelmingly white state is a sign of the appeal to the Christian Right of a candidate representing principle rather than platform. He seems miles behind George W. Bush, but if he can dominate the Christian conservative vote, which opinion polls in Iowa have consistently underestimated, he could cause a shockwave in the Republican campaign" (London Telegraph, 1/24/00).

  • Following earlier televised debates between the Republican candidates in New Hampshire, Iowa and Arizona, viewers who responded to polls declared Dr. Keyes the overwhelming debate winner by margins of two-to-one over the closest contenders.

  • Keyes, who is acknowledged even by skeptical media pundits to be the most articulate spokesman for the conservative Christian position, has been subjected to a shameless and intentional "black-out" by the major media. Even after the Iowa events, pundits crowed, "It doesn't mean anything," or "What Iowans think doesn't carry any weight in the real world." Referring to the former ambassador and Harvard Ph.D. as a "talk show host," they never refer to his long list of extraordinary accomplishments (see http://www.keyes2000.com/about_alan_keyes/index.html).

  • Sen. Hatch, who received only 1% of the vote, dropped out of the race on Wednesday (January 26), pledging his support for Bush. Gary Bauer, on the other hand, told reporters he was in for the long haul despite disappointing results in Iowa, saying, "I am not a quitter!" While the other candidates were in Iowa, John McCain campaigned in New Hampshire, banking on his efforts there to pay off with a win over Bush.

The editors of The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert deeply appreciate Gary Bauer, Howard Philips, Steve Forbes, and other fine men who uphold Christian principles as they campaign for high office. We do not view George W. Bush with the deep suspicion some of our friends do. We pray for them all, but we are especially committed to praying for Dr. Alan Keyes. Before Dr. Keyes seriously considered running for President in 1996, we encouraged him to do so, believing him to be the most articulate spokesman for our cause that we had ever met. We believed then, and we believe now, that Alan Keyes has a God-given anointing to "AWAKEN" lethargic and sleeping Christians and to stir God-fearing Americans who are sensing the urgency of the hour, even lifelong Democrats. We are seeing this happen. The strength and clarity of Alan's message has changed the minds of thousands of Americans. America desperately needs a Paul Revere to sound the alarm, and Alan Keyes is the closest thing to Paul Revere that we've got.

Please Join Us In Agreeing Prayer:

  • Lord, Thank You for blessing Dr. Alan Keyes and the UNCOMPROMISING TRUTH he proclaims. Keep Him humble and close to you. STRENGTHEN & PROTECT Alan, his wife, Jocelyn, and his children: Francis, 17; Maya, 13; Andrew, 10 (Ps 33:13-22; 128:1-6; Eph 6:17-20; 1 Th 1:2-3).

  • Lord, have mercy upon our nation. FRUSTRATE the skeptical pundits and bless Alan Keyes and his message all the more. INCREASE his campaign finances and ACCELERATE his campaign momentum. Give him great favor in New Hampshire & beyond (1 Sam 2:10; Pr 4:7-9; 11:28; 37:16; Ps 52:7-9; Mt 23:12; 1Ptr 5:6).

"Please check back with us as new matters for prayer are posted each week. By joining together with others, the power of our prayers are multiplied.

Please feel free to print and share these with your prayer group or pastor.

God bless!"

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