"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


One longtime Washington conservative said, "Bush's appointees are far better than we ever thought possible... We have more friends in the White House, now, than we had in the Reagan Administration." Another leader in the national prayer movement said, "pinch me, I must be dreaming."

Bush nominated one of America's foremost Christian statesmen to be his Attorney General. His very first presidential act was to proclaim a National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving. He instructed White House staffers to avoid "even the appearance" of impropriety. He signed an executive order banning funds from groups who provide or promote abortions overseas. He has already submitted to Congress his important pro-family tax-cut package.

He has taken steps for Social Security reform, education reform, and a missile defense system and has set a new tone in foreign policy - the U.S. will no longer ignore Red China's reprehensible human rights record. The list goes on and on...
(see www.washtimes.com/commentary/commentary-20011252366.htm ).

The news media is in shock, unable to believe that Bush is actually fulfilling his conservative campaign promises. They are waiting for the President to make some blunder so that they viciously can destroy him (see www.nationalreview.com/daily/nr012501.shtml ).

We believe George Bush was elected because of prevailing prayer. Yet, God's blessing, so thoroughly undeserved, can only be sustained if God's people pray fervently each day for our new President! (I Tim 2:1-2)

Please Join Us in Heart-felt, Believing Prayer:

--Thank You, Lord, for George W. Bush & his early acts of righteousness. KEEP him close to You! ENDEAR him to America. May he reverse ALL of Bill Clinton's wicked Executive Orders. May he cleanse the Bureaucracy of all the evil personnel & policies left from the Clinton regime. Grant him Godly WISDOM, ENERGY, STRENGTH, & VISION. Give him the STRATEGY & WILL to end Abortion in America. EXPOSE any ungodly counselors. KEEP him from unrighteous COMPROMISE. In Jesus' Name. AMEN! (Dt 21:9; 1 Kg 15:11-12; 22:46; 23:1-25; Ps 59:3-4; Is 40:28-41:2; Acts 13:22).

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