"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

Will We Reward Tyranny, Persecution, Murder?


The International Olympic Committee will decide tomorrow what city will host the 2008 World Olympics. Despite widespread criticism over Red China's appalling human rights record, Beijing remains the front-runner over Toronto and Paris.

--Olympic officials have ignored their charter's repeated references to "human rights" while Beijing lobbyists have insisted "politics" be kept out of the decision. The Bush administration chose not to oppose selection of Beijing
(see http://www.washtimes.com/world/20010709-81903762.htm ).

--Over 30 U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents are now being held as prisoners in Red China including two U.S. academics who are being tried groundlessly for espionage. One trial is scheduled to begin Saturday, a day after the Olympic decision.

--According to groups that monitor human rights violations around the world, Red China's record of abuse has grown progressively worse despite increased international scrutiny over the past few years.

--China has executed 1,751 persons in just the past three months -- 30 more persons than were executed throughout the entire world during the past three years. Some were guilty of capital offenses, but others were political prisoners, Christian leaders, religious dissidents and petty criminals. Before their execution, prisoners are put on public display in stadiums where thousands of Chinese are required to watch their sentencing in order to "learn to obey the law and the government."

--There is evidence that prisoner's organs are being harvested for sale. Last week a Chinese doctor seeking U.S. asylum testified to peeling the skin from a still breathing imprisoned man.

--Millions of Chinese women are routinely subjected to forced abortion.

--Cruel persecution of Christians is routine. House church members are arrested and subjected to fines, torture, imprisonment and death. Last month twelve Dongsheng house church members were sentenced to 2-3 years of "re-education" in labor camps. Last November, in one province alone, 787 churches were destroyed, 188 banned, and 97 confiscated by the Chinese government. Such reports go on and on
(see http://persecution.org/humanrights/china.html).

Like Nazi Germany in 1936 (see the Holocaust Museum's online memorial to the 1936 Berlin Olympics at http://www.ushmm.org/olympics), Red China is not only abusing her own citizens, but is threatening her regional neighbors. Will the Olympic Committee reward her oppressions within and without with the huge bonus of cash, power and prestige that will accompany being host to the Olympics? China is the leading contender. Intense prayer is needed to bring Divine intervention and a righteous rebuke to the incorrigible, Communist tyrants.

Please Join Us in Believing, Prayer:

--Lord, FORGIVE us for rewarding wicked tyranny. DEFEND the persecuted & oppressed. China seems unstoppable, but You, Lord, are on the throne. You set the boundaries of nations. You exalt one & put down another. May the Olympic Committee decide against Beijing & publicly blame China's human rights record (Ps 9:7-10; 10:17-18; 66:7; 74:17-23; 146:5-7; Pr 17:15; Is 5:23; 58:6; Mic 7:2-3).

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