"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

Federal Funding for Embryo Stem Cell Research:
While the President is "Thinking About it"?


The last minute drive to persuade President Bush to renege on his promises NOT TO ALLOW FEDERAL FUNDING OF FETAL STEM CELL RESEARCH seems to be working. President Bush says, "I'm thinking about it," but appears to be looking for a "compromise."

* From a Biblical perspective, the destruction of a human being at any stage of life and development IS MURDER! Like deliberate abortion and child sacrifice, IT IS AN ABOMINATION! (Dt 29:18-29; Lev 20:1-5; 26:27-30; Ps 139:13-19; Pr 6:16-17; 9:17-18; Ecc 12:14; Eph 5:11-14; Mt 5:21-22)

* Does God care about Alzheimer's patients? Of course. But will He countenance the systematic conception and murder of human infants for experiments, the aim of which is to make more such murders and cannibalization a routine part of American life? NO, NEVER!

* Will it work? Will God allow the utter defiance of His laws to bring healing to expectant disease sufferers? Probably not! Nothing truly positive can spring from spiritual wickedness.

* Will God wink? We may have the technology but we do not have the authority to begin, then destroy human life. If these technologies work, will God allow us use them? God rules and judges nations by His eternal moral law. He will assuredly punish any nation that ascribes such God-like power to itself.

* George Bush can close the lid on Pandora's box, at least for a time. Opening it will mean subordinating sacred human life to a new Frankenstein-like scientific imagination, unrestrained by the fear of God.

* One "compromise" being discussed would allow the experimental use only of "spare" embryos that would otherwise be destroyed. Any such "compromise" will nevertheless push America across a new moral threshold permanently and any limits will be circumvented.

A "compromise" would force God-fearing Americans to finance murders and experiments against their wills and consciences. And it would put America in the path of catastrophic Divine judgment. Christians, we must prevail in prayer for our President in this hour!

Please Join Us in Believing, Prayer:

* Heavenly Father, SPEAK TO GEORGE BUSH! Cause him to know Your Heart & Mind. Give him COURAGE to do what is right, to DEFY all ungodly political advice & to say NO COMPROMISE!

* Stand by the President & ENABLE him to stand by You. Compel President Bush utterly to REJECT federal funding for embryo stem cell research. In Jesus's Name, Amen (Dt 31:6; 1 Kg 22:6-7; 1 Chr 22:13; 2 Chr 15:8; Mt 17:20-21; 19:26).

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