Last week we sent out a special Prayer Alert for missionaries Rolland and Heidi Baker. God has heard your prayers and is answering in an unexpected way!

As we reported earlier, Rolland and Heidi Baker have been missionaries in Mozambique since 1995, the poorest country in the world. Their ministry to children has grown to include almost 2,000 orphans at their numerous centers with over 5,000 churches planted throughout Mozambique and neighboring countries. Muslim leaders and others are not happy with the Lord’s work through the Baker family. A local newspaper carried a dishonest story about them on the front page hoping it would cause the Bakers to be removed from the country.

Heidi and others from the ministry finally were able to meet with one of the men responsible for the newspaper article. He was very threatening at first, but the Lord moved on his heart and the man softened to their pleas for fairness. He has promised to have another article published that will correct the lies from the previous one.

Also, Heidi was at the airport when the president’s wife and entourage happened to arrive. As is usual in African nations, there was a large celebration to welcome the first lady of Mozambique. Heidi was invited by local leaders to join in the festivities and was well received. This will certainly get back to the president himself.

Join Us in Thanksgiving:

  • Almighty Father, Thank You for PROTECTING Rolland and Heidi Baker in this critical hour. You have been their ADVOCATE and have BLESSED them with Your SPIRIT OF COMFORT.
  • Continue to WATCH over them. GRANT them FAVOR in the Muslim community with many being brought to salvation through Faith in Jesus. AMEN! (Ps 43:all; 143:8; Mt 25:31-46; Jn 12:35-36, 46; 2 Cor 1:2-7; Heb 13:3; 1 Jn 4:2-4).