"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

Will Stop Growing Practice of Infanticide in U.S.


Representative Steve Chabot (R-OH) and Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) have introduced bills: H.R. 2175 and S. 1050, to require that babies born alive in America be treated as live babies.

"Live birth abortions" (inducing premature delivery, then denying medical care and leaving the baby to die) have become an increasingly common practice in many hospitals. In Illinois, a Chicago nurse revealed that "live birth abortions" were routinely conducted in her hospital. The Illinois Senate passed a "born-alive" bill, but pro-abort committeemen prevented it from reaching a House vote.

In Massachusetts, a pro-life group learned that a baby was intentionally being starved in a local hospital. They appealed to the District Attorney, only to be rebuffed on the basis that it was the parents' choice.

Premature babies born at 24 weeks have a 40-70% chance of survival, if given medical attention immediately.

Thirty states and DC have laws that protect live-born infants once outside the womb. Efforts are underway to pass clear, strong state laws. But abortion groups are working to resist them.

Predictably, pro-abort groups who went all-out to stop this bill last year are raging again.

While 74 Congressmen have joined Rep. Chabot to sponsor the House bill, only 2 Senators have joined Rick Santorum to cosponsor the Senate version.

Hearings assigned to a Judiciary Subcommittee are scheduled for Thursday.

The Lord sent destruction to Judah to "remove them out of his sight... for the innocent blood that [Manasseh] shed: for he filled Jerusalem with innocent blood; which the LORD would not pardon." We Americans through our elected and appointed officials have filled our land with innocent blood via abortion and infanticide. We must plead for God's forgiveness and do all we can to stop the innocent bloodshed, including praying for every pro-life initiative.

Please Join Us in Believing, Overcoming Prayer:

Heavenly Father, FORGIVE us for our complacency & for allowing the shedding of innocent blood in our land; FORGIVE us that such a bill would even need to be considered. Cause us to AWAKEN & REPENT! (Ps 94:20-21; Pr 6:17; 2 Chr 7:14)

Fully EXPOSE and STOP all deceit & wickedness in Congress. May Congress pass this bill & may it quickly become law. In Jesus' name, Amen (Lev 20:1-5; Dt 21:8-9; Ez 14:6-7; 18:30-32; Ho 4:6-7; Mk 6:10-12; Eph 5:8-16).

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