"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

10 Commandments Project, Need Our Prayers!


As "missionaries to Washington," Revs. Rob & Paul Schenck lead highly anointed, extremely effective ministries geared to reach our nation's leaders with the gospel and restore moral foundations to our federal laws and government. The Schencks recently acquired a townhouse adjacent to the Supreme Court to serve as a "National Ministry Center." From there they are reaching out to officials from all three branches of government, with a special focus toward our Supreme Court Justices, their staffs, and Court support personnel. But the Schenck brothers are facing a concerted effort to obstruct their ministry and need our immediate and ongoing prayers.

* With their "Ten Commandments Project," the brothers have presented stone copies of the Ten Commandments to hundreds national and state leaders for display in their offices. They have lent moral support to other leaders around the country who have faced opposition for displaying the Commandments (e.g., Judge Roy Moore in Alabama).

* Last week, the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal by the city of Elkhart, Indiana, of a federal judge's order to remove the stone monument of the Ten Commandments that has stood in front of the city's municipal building for over forty years. The Court's refusal could lead to removal of the Commandments from Elkhart and hundreds of public sites across America.

* The Schenck brothers took action. "We believe that the six justices [who voted to turn down the case] should be reminded every day that they will be held accountable to a higher authority than themselves. So, we began the process of applying for a permit to install a similar stone monument in the front yard of our National Ministry Center (directly across the street from the exit ramp of the justices' private, underground parking garage)! Once this beautiful stone carving of the Commandments is in place, the justices will have to view God's Law every single day that they are on the bench!" (See the monument and learn more about the Schencks at www.faithandaction.org).

* Because private property owners throughout the neighbor- hood are readily granted permits for statues, birdbaths and other stone artwork the permit process should have been routine. But when officials in four government divisions realized it was the Ten Commandments, each refused to sign the paperwork, making various excuses. One said, "I have to be concerned about the possible effect of such a display on federal workers!" Rob asked one, "If I was applying for a permit to display a nude sculpture, would it be this difficult?" He answered, "Of course not. People don't get upset about nudes. They do get upset about this religious stuff!"

The National Ministry Center has undergone intense scrutiny and opposition from various quarters, and has yet to receive other important permits. The Schencks will not give up, but they need much prayer support.

Please Join Us in Believing, Overcoming Prayer:

Heavenly Father, THANK YOU for sending Missionaries to Minister Your Word to our civil leaders in Washington. Grant them Great Success! INTERVENE, Lord! PROTECT, PRESERVE, & ESTABLISH the new ministry center AND monument. DISARM their opponents. Cause all necessary permits to be granted. Use the Commandments monument to point our Justices & thousands more to Yourself, Who are the Only Foundation & Hope for America. In Jesus' Name. Amen (Pr 16:6-7; Lk 4:28-30; Rom 10:14-15; 1 Cor 15:57-58; 2 Th 3:12: 1 Tim 2:23-26; Tit 1:9).

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