"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

Missile Movement, War Games Cause U.S. Concern


The Chinese military has mobilized short-range missiles near Taiwan while simultaneously conducting the largest war games in the nation's history. U.S. spy satellites have detected worrisome missile movement at two Chinese bases on the Taiwan Straits immediately opposite Taiwan (see http://www.washtimes.com/national/20010607-2643640.htm).

The Pentagon fears China may intend to test missiles aimed at Taiwan -- similar to 1996 missile test flights that led to a U.S.-China confrontation. During those "tests" the Chinese fired short-range missiles, causing them to land immediately off the northern and southern tips of Taiwan.

Newly sited missiles, missile launchers and an "unspecified number
of other missiles were hidden under camouflage" at what has been a training base opposite Taiwan's capital city, Taipei. China has built a battery of missile bases opposite Taiwan during the past few years on which 300 of 600 planned missiles have already been deployed.

China has simultaneously launched a large-scale beach landing on Dongshan Island as part of a two-week war game exercise that involves 100,000 Chinese troops, amphibious tanks, submarines, warships, marine units, advanced Russian made aircraft, reconnaissance satellites, satellite navigation systems, and electronic warfare systems - China's most modern weapons.

The aim of the exercise, according to Chinese news media, is to prepare to "attack and occupy Taiwan's offshore islands and counterattack U.S. military intervention." Pentagon officials believe it is also designed to intimidate Taiwan.

These are the first large-scale war games since the election of Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian last May and the largest ever for the 2.5 million member People's Liberation Army (PLA). China dislikes Chen because of his long-time support for Taiwanese independence.

The exercise follows the Chinese downing of a U.S. spy plane and the subsequent standoff over the return of the crew and the fate of the plane. It also follows President Bush's public statement that the U.S. will do whatever is necessary to help Taiwan defend itself and the use of U.S. military force is "certainly an option." This matter will not go away easily and needs to be high on our prayer list.

Please Join Us in Believing, Overcoming Prayer:

Lord, You ESTABLISH and set the boundaries of nations. You RESTRAIN evil and LIMIT the schemes of world rulers. RESTRAIN Red China & her army from creating an incident. Confound Chinese plans to attack Taiwan.

Grant America REPENTANCE that we might continue to be a restraining force in the Asian Pacific. Give President Bush & our Military leaders WISDOM to deal with the Red Chinese. May the FEAR OF GOD prevail! In Jesus' Name. Amen (Lev 26:7-9; Dt 32:8; Josh 24:11-14; 2 Sam 23:3; 1 Kg 4:29-30; 2 Chr 20:29-30; Ps 2:all; Acts 17:26).

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