"Let everyone who is Godly pray to You while You may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

Terri Schiavo: America Has Crossed the Line!

"Depart from Me, you cursed, into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels: for I was hungry and you gave Me no food; I was thirsty and you gave Me no drink" (Mt 25:41-42).

For two weeks the world watched America slowly murder an innocent, defenseless, invalid woman ­ while family, friends and supporters pled for mercy. WHAT DOES GOD THINK? (Pr 6:16-17; Mal 2:15-16; Eph 5:25)

  • Michael Schiavo used Terri's rehabilitation money to fund his quest to kill her while fathering two children in adultery. Can he escape the judgment of God? (Pr 11:17-21; Heb 2:2-3)
  • Judge Greer and the judges who condemned Terri were ordained by God to protect the innocent and convict the guilty. Can they escape God's judgment? (Ps 82:1-4; Pr 17:15)
  • Florida's lawmakers, Governor, Congress and the President had responsibility to use their power to save Terri. Each will stand before the Lawgiver-King of the Universe (2 Sam 23:3; Ps 12:4-5; 75:4-8; Heb 10:31).
  • Pro-death lawyers and activists who succeeded in killing Terri Schiavo will face God's Judgment (Dt 27:25; Job 24:13-17).
  • Terri's parents fought hard to the bitter end. God will vindicate and bless them (1 Tim 5:8).
  • Pro-life lawyers who labored and activists who lobbied, stood vigil and cried out to God did right. God will stand by them (Pr 24:11-12; Is 58:6-8).
  • America has crossed the line. We share the collective guilt for Schiavo's murder. God promises exacting retribution for the shedding of innocent blood (Gen 9:6; Dt 21:1-9; 2 Kg 24:4).

God instituted civil government to secure men's right to life. In Terri's case, our unelected judges strengthened their arrogant belief that they are the Law. They have effectively declared war on God, the Constitution and the people. We "the people" must now REPENT, PRAY and RESOLVE to reverse the godless, judicial tyranny we've witnessed. If we fail, we will deserve the judgments of God that are coming upon us and our children (Ps 51:14-17; Rom 14:12).

Please Pray With Us:

  • Father, COMFORT Terri's Family & all who have fought the good fight.
  • INTERVENE & HELP us STOP the runaway Judiciary.
  • FORGIVE & CLEANSE US. SEND America Biblical Awakening! In Jesus' Name, Amen. (2 Chr 7:14)

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