"Let everyone who is Godly pray to You while You may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)             

Warning to Men Everywhere! Time for Charity!

"Do you think that these... were worse sinners than all the other[s] because they suffered this way? I tell you, no!
But unless you repent, you too will all perish (Jesus - Lk 13:2-5).

Tsunamis that crushed the coastlands of the Indian Ocean have now killed over 155,000 people. A worldwide effort is underway to aid displaced millions who have lost everything: families, homes, businesses, jobs, whole towns and villages. Yet will the masses, even Christians, heed what seems to be an urgent warning from the Sovereign God of the Universe?

·Eyewitnesses described it as the "Wrath of God…a catastrophe of Biblical proportions…as if God had unleashed His anger on the people…”

·Average people ask, "Was God involved in this?” Some say, "Creation is groaning, impatient for deliverance (Rom 8:19-24).” Others, "Its the beginning of sorrows Jesus spoke about (Mt 24:7-8)!” Still others, "Its a sign that the Lord is coming back soon!”

·Others ask, "Is God punishing the Muslims for their terrorism and beastly persecutions, especially in Indonesia?” Or "Will God use this to open the 10/40 window, stir Christian compassion and bring new openness to the Gospel among Muslims?”

·Christian historian, Rev. R. O. Roberts, says, "What is truly remarkable is that they received the judgment due us [unrepentant Americans]… Any sober thinking person must know that this has to be a message from our Maker!” Regarding those convicted of sin and awakened to the fear of God, Roberts says, "Sadly, the Church will be quick to comfort and alleviate them of any such concern.”

Scripture teaches, "When [Gods] judgments come upon the earth, the people of the world learn righteousness (Is 26:9). We believe God has given the Church an unprecedented opportunity: 1) to demonstrate Gods love through compassionate, practical ministry; and, 2) to call men everywhere to wholehearted Repentance and Faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, declaring Gods epochal judgments to be what they are c warnings to all mankind. This will not happen without the fervent intercessory prayers of Gods Church: pastors and parishioners.

Please Join Us in Fervent Prayer:

  • Father, You are Sovereign, Perfect in Justice & Mercy, Kindness & Wrath. POUR OUT Mercy upon needy Asia! Use Your Church to minister Christ to the lost. (Ex 15:7; Dt 29:21-29; 32:4; Ps 2:12; 90:11; 95: all; Mt 9:36-38; 14:14; Lk 10:30-37).
  • May the Church ARISE to Proclaim Your Splendor! USE this calamity TO MOVE Men everywhere to REPENTANCE & FAITH in YOU. In Jesus Name, Amen (1 Chr 16:26-32; 2 Chr 29:10; Ps 29:all; Ps 45:3-7; 85:6; Is 2:12-21; 45:5-8; Hab 3:2-19).

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