"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

Gag-Order for the American People

If the watchman...does not blow the trumpet to warn... I will hold the watchman accountable (Ez 33:6).


Christian evangelist & political activist William Murray wrote, "It is odd that a man who spent years in a communist prison camp because of our nation's stand for freedom in Asia, wants to ban free speech in America. Yet, Sen. John McCain is fighting for legislation that would ban Americans from participating in the election process. McCain's "campaign reform" would in fact gag pro-family groups and individuals" (http://fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2001/042001/04032001/246116).

--Independent issue ads will be barred for 30 days before a primary and 60 days before a general election. Only the candidates and the political parties will be allowed to purchase advertising.

--The "incumbent protection act" will radically benefit incumbents who enjoy the visibility of their office and use government-paid staff and mailings to laud their own achievements.

--The liberal media will be omnipotent. While groups like Right to Life and the Christian Coalition will be banned from running independent issue ads during the restricted period, the media will be free to say whatever it pleases.

--The political parties and candidates will be forced to spend more time raising "hard money" to get out their message.

--Groups determined to speak out will do so before the 30 and 60-day limits. Their ads will become even more pointed and negative to be effective. The election season will become longer.

God's shepherds and watchmen have a responsibility to warn their countrymen of political "wolves" (Ez 33:3-7; Jn 10:10-15; Acts 20:28-31). Experts predict the bill will be slowed-down in the House, but cannot be stopped. Hope remains that it ("Shays/Meehan - HR 380" in the House) can be moderated in the conference committee (see http://www.washtimes.com/national/default-200143222733.htm).

Please Join Us in Agreeing Prayer:

-Heavenly Father! INTERVENE TO PRESERVE our religious and political freedom. MOVE upon the House, the President, the Conference Committee & the Supreme Court, if necessary, to DEFEAT the McCain/Feingold-Shays/Meehan bills. In Jesus' Name. Amen (Nu 30:1-2; Dt 23:21; Ez 16:59; Zec 8:17).

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