"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

Speeches, Caravan, Internet Kindling Spiritual Grassfire Prayer

Oh, that they had such a heart in them that they would fear Me and always keep all My commandments, that it might be well with them and with their children forever! (Dt 5:29)

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court last week seeking to replace the monument he erected in the Alabama Judicial Building. The monument, removed on the order of a federal judge, now sits in a closet. Meanwhile, a "Ten Commandments Caravan" made its way from Montgomery to Washington conducting rallies along the way.

  • The "Ten Commandments Caravan," led by Rev. Rob Schenck, Rev. Pat Mahoney, John Giles & Steve Elliot, arrived in Washington, D.C., October 5. Hundreds rallied at the U.S. Capitol in the afternoon, then shared in a candlelight prayer service outside the U.S. Supreme Court. Most returned Monday morning for a prayer rally outside the Court before making visits to their Congressmen to encourage support for the Ten Commandments cause.
  • Thousands rallied along the caravan route and thousands more participated via a "virtual tour" conducted on the Internet. In Lufkin, Texas, Ambassador Alan Keyes told rally attendees Judge Moore had birthed a movement that could spark Revival.
  • Alabama Congressman Robert Aderholt (R) told the Washington gathering he is crafting a bill to display the Monument inside the U.S. Capitol. Aderholt's Ten Commandments Defense Act (H.R.2045) now has 102 cosponsors.
  • Grassfire.net's president Steve Elliot informed the crowd his organization had surpassed its goal to enlist a quarter million people to petition the Supreme Court to hear Judge Moore's case and uphold the right to display the Ten Commandments. By Monday morning, 384,000 persons had signed the petition. (To sign the petition, visit http://www.grassfire.net/).
  • Meanwhile, Judge Moore, temporarily suspended from office because of his commandments stand, is speaking to churches across America lighting revival fires wherever he goes.

Moore explains that he is not campaigning for a monument but for the right and responsibility of American government to acknowledge God. The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert Foundation believes Judge Moore's stand against judicial tyranny is like Elijah's stand on Mt. Carmel. Moore has called America to choose: do nothing and let our federal courts purge God from American history, law and life; or REPENT and insist that our nation remain as God and our founders intended a nation "under God."

Please Continue with Us in Persistent, Overcoming Prayer:

  • God, Move our Congress to Protect the God-given liberties our forefathers died to preserve for us & to Check the run-away federal judiciary (Neh 4:13-16; Pr 28:4).
  • Continue to STIR Americans to PRAY & STAND with Judge Roy Moore. RESTORE Your honor in our nation, laws & government. Use this controversy as a spark for Awakening, Revival & Reformation in our Churches & America. In Jesus' Name, Amen! (Ps 47:7-8; 66:1-20; 85:6-12; 119:126; Pr 28:4; Is 33:22)

ATTENTION! Please set aside February 27 & 28, 2004, to attend the Washington Insider Report's Pray for America Convocation here in Washington, DC. Richard Owen Roberts will be our keynote speaker both nights! Brother Roberts has been studying revival for more than 50 years. Attendees will be able to hear from and talk to "those-in-the-know" about the upcoming elections and the workings of Washington from a Biblical worldview.