Cabinet Agrees to Bush-Quartet Roadmap

"The time has come to say yes to the Americans, the time has come to divide this land between us and the Palestinians." (Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to Israeli reporters).

After hours of grueling debate Sunday and "under intense U.S. pressure" the Israeli Cabinet voted to approve the "Road Map to Middle East Peace" 12-7 with 4 abstentions. Engineered by the "Quartet" ­ the U.N., Russia, EU and U.S ­ the plan will create a Palestinian State by 2005 (see

  • The action has been interpreted to mean that Israel now officially affirms the Palestinian's "right" to statehood.
    Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas and President Bush will meet in Jordan next week.
  • Recent U.S. pressure on Israel is a departure from public pledges the President made during the past 21 months: pledges that the peace process would go forward only if there was an end to violence and a there was change in the Palestinian leadership. But Palestinian terrorism has only increased and Yasser Arafat remains firmly in charge.
  • President Bush was the first U.S. President to make support for a Palestinian statehood a key component of his foreign policy. The American people's horror after the September 11, 2000 terrorist attack caused the President to postpone announcement of the Roadmap. Yet the State Department moved forward quietly.
  • Fortunately, the Israeli Cabinet did not give blanket assent to every provision of the Road Map, but only affirmed its fundamental steps. Many uncertainties remain.

One thing is certain. Grave danger lies ahead for America if we do not repent of our bully behavior toward Israel, our hypocritical compromise with terrorists and our open defiance toward God. Each of us who understands our present danger should plead with our President to REPENT! We should also communicate with our elected representatives, asking them to use their influence to change the President's mind. We must pray and enlist everyone we can to pray.

Please Join with Us in Earnest Prayer:

Father, OPEN OUR PRESIDENT'S EYES. CONVICT him of the sin & error of pressuring Israel to DIVIDE their land (Gen 15:18; 17:18; 28:13; 35:12; etc.; Ps 91:all; 119:18; Pr 22:3; 24:11-12; 30:32).
LORD, HEAR OUR CRIES & Grant REPENTANCE. May America remain faithful to our alliance & Your Covenant with Israel. May President Bush REPENT. Use him to lead a Josiah Revival that Brings our nation back to God (Gen 12:2-3; 2 Kg 22:1-23:28; 2 Chr 7:14; Ps 3:4; 15:4; 137:6; Pr 21:1).

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