"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

Extraordinary Prayer Will Mitigate War's Evils

I've seen thousands of men lying on the ground, their dead faces looking up at the skies. I tell you, WAR IS HELL! (Gen. W.T. Sherman, infamous for incendiary march from Atlanta to the sea in 1864)

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell's compelling presentation to the U.N. Security Council may have been the last major rhetorical salvo before a U.S.-led invasion of Iraq occurs. On Thursday, President George Bush told praying leaders, "This is a testing time for our country. At this hour [our troops] are assembling in the Middle East... we stand in the need of prayer."

-The War with Iraq will not likely be a "cakewalk." Because of our overwhelming military advantage, Saddam must rely upon unconventional warfare - biological and chemical weapons and suicide attacks.

-Saddam will act to destroy tiny Israel. That goal has been Saddam's driving obsession from long ago and the very purpose for his nuclear weapons program.

-Opportunistic Islamists around the world, who share Saddam's intense hatred for Israel and the U.S., may soon teach us the same suicide-attack horrors that Israel has endured for the past 30 months.

-Longtime U.S. Allies, France and Germany, have allowed anti-American and anti-Jewish bias to warp their policy toward the U.S. and Iraq. Many Europeans are offended by President Bush's open Christian faith, conservative values, readiness to put U.S. interests above those of the E.U and U.N, and his willingness firmly to deal with America's enemies. The U.S. can no longer rely upon these once trusted allies.

-Democrats will pay any price to undermine George Bush. They didn't complain when Bill Clinton bombed Afghanistan or Sudan. America and President Bush have their failings, but make no mistake, the spirit of antichrist is at work - seeking to destroy what remains of America's Christian heritage and the spirit of liberty it birthed.

-Finally, we face a potential nightmare scenarios: North Korea could simultaneously keep its recent threat of a preemptive nuclear strike against South Korea and/or the U.S.; the Chinese could move on Taiwan; Islamist terrorists could use Weapons of Mass Destruction against U.S. cities.

Yet America Remains Unrepentant - While we are potentially on the verge of WW-III, our nation's hands are dripping with innocent blood. As Rev. David Wilkerson said of the war in 1991, "If God goes with out armies it will only be for the sake of Israel and not on our account."

It is time for every Christian in America and elsewhere to REPENT and draw very near to God!

Please Join Us in Unceasing Prayer:

--Lord, Please Stir Your Church to Seek You with Wholehearted Repentance, Extraordinary Prayer and Fasting.

--Protect our troops, our cities, Israel & millions of innocent people elsewhere.

--Rule the Nations with Justice & Great Mercy.

--In Jesus' Name, AMEN (2 Chr 7:14; Ps 2: all; 9:1-10; 89:13-14; Is 45:1-8; 49:22-26; 60:1-12).

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