"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

Pres. Bush, Sen. Frist Promise Quick Action

You must purge from Israel the guilt of shedding innocent blood, so that it may go well with you (Dt 19:11-13).

The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act (PBABA) passed in the House last July, 274 - 151. Former Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschle (D-SD) would not allow the Senate to consider the bill. With the GOP now in control, Christians have revived hope of advancing pro-life legislation. The Senate still does not have a pro-life majority.

Only prevailing prayer and God's grace will make a PBA ban successful.

·President Bush told pro-life Marchers in Washington last week, "My hope is that the United States Congress will pass a bill this year banning partial-birth abortion, which I will sign. Partial-birth abortion is an abhorrent procedure that offends human dignity."

·Karl Rove, President Bush's chief political advisor, told reporters that PBA and cloning bans are high on the President's agenda and "the immediate tasks at hand." He said that the White House would use its clout to help win the legislatives battles on Capitol Hill.

·Senate Majority Leader, Dr. Bill Frist (R-TN) said on TV, "As a physician...partial-birth abortion offends [my] sensibilities..." Senate action will be "coming very, very quickly."

·Tragically, Partial Birth Abortions are on the increase. According to the pro-abortion Alan Guttmacher Institute, instances of the procedure tripled from 650 performed in 1996 to 2200 performed in 2000. Other reports say 1500 PBAs are performed annually in New Jersey alone, suggesting that the new figures are low.

A Partial Birth Abortion Ban will only be enacted as a result of God's grace, prevailing prayer and pressure on pro-abort Republicans and Democrats in the Senate. But passage will be only a beginning. America will be cursed until the shedding of innocent blood is stopped altogether.

Please Pray with Us:

--God Have Mercy upon America!

--May the House & Senate quickly pass a Partial-birth Abortion Ban Act & proceed further to stop abortion. Please work miracles to bring Roe v. Wade to an End.

--Grant us REVIVAL & REFORMATION, without which, our nation is doomed. In Jesus' Name, Amen (Ps 21:11-13; 64:2-9; 94:20-21; Jer 7:5-7; 22:3-5; Joel 3:19; Acts 3:19).

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