Christians arrested in Qatar

Christians in Qatar request prayer for Mr. Arokiyasamy Stanislas Chellappa, from India, a Christian who has lived and worked in Qatar for 22 years.

Stanislas was arrested on 9th December 2002 and released on bail for one month on 23rd December. He, his wife and 12-year-old son face deportation before Wednesday 23rd January. The authorities in Qatar have consistently refused to state a reason for this, either to Stanislas or to the Indian embassy. His wife Ester says, it must be because he speaks about his faith.

The Indian ambassador to Qatar has agreed to speak on his behalf because no criminal wrong-doing is being alleged.

Stanislas works as an engineer for Hamad Medical Corporation. His departmental director wants him to stay and will be speaking with senior colleagues and with Stanislas on Saturday 18th. At this point a definite decision has to be taken on whether Stanislas is able to stay or must leave. Pray for this meeting and all discussions leading up to it.

Let us join in praying for a change of heart, so that the family might remain in Qatar, being salt & light for Christ at work, in the community and as pastor of a fellowship of Indian Christians. If the family is forced to leave then pray that justice would be done in termination of his employment in Qatar, e.g. payment for the one-month notice period.

One of his fellow Christians in Qatar asks, How many more Chellappa's will be victims in the future if we cannot exert pressure on the authorities concerned.
Please pray for positive effects from our and other Press Releases on this case, and let us continue to exert the pressure of prayer.

(Editor's note: This information was supplied to CHPA by Intercessors Network.)