"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

I Am Grieving Over America

March 15, 2002
Dear Praying Friends,
I am grieving! GRIEVING! I am groaning for the Church in America, for the soul of our nation and the fate of our children. God is being ignored, His commands defied, His sacred things defiled. My country, so long blessed by God, is abandoning Him.

Despite our many prayers, it appears as if God is withdrawing from our land. We received a wake-up call on 9-11. But now it seems as if He has blinded our leaders and taken away all their spiritual discernment. OUR NATION IS IN UNPRECEDENTED JEOPARDY.

**While the US wars against terrorism in Afghanistan and other far-off places and is overtly planning actions against Iraq, we have hypocritically led the world (U.N Resolution) to force our closest ally, Israel, to accept and expose her people to unacceptable levels of terrorist violence, demanding that they forgo appropriate countermeasures. And we are demanding that Israel compromise with notorious criminal Yasser Arafat, whose murderous record rivals or exceeds that of Osama Bin Laden.

**Worse than sacrificing our longtime friends, we have boldly defied the God of the Bible, deliberately ignoring hundreds of Scriptures in which God promises by covenant to give the Jews the land of Palestine to be their possession FOREVER. And for what? To build spurious, unholy alliances with nations that are spiritually sympathetic with our Islamist enemies, who are also God's enemy. Those who know God's Word are keenly aware that our leaders will not go unpunished and we will suffer with them. WE HAVE LOST FAITH IN GOD.

**At home, hatred toward Christians and Christianity is now regularly expressed, even in the U.S. Senate. Senate Democrats have "Borked" another conservative judicial nominee, Judge Charles Pickering, entirely because he is a pro-life Christian. Senate Democrats have put America on notice that they will similarly smear and destroy any such nominee. The groups that led the fight against Pickering do not hide their open hatred toward Biblical Christianity.

**Unconstitutional "Campaign Finance Reform" is about to pass Congress and, it seems, may be signed by our President despite his oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

**The threat of terrorist mass destruction now looms over America. But while it is time for our nation to be crying out to God as never before, those who hate Christ are laboring even more obstinately to violently expel God from our land, our schools, government, public buildings and communities.

**The nation has united behind President Bush to stand against our terrorist enemies, but evil men are working to perpetuate and exacerbate angry divisions among the American people. The primitive tribalism that is reviving elsewhere around the world, born of racial, ethnic, religious, and political hatred, is being stirred up here, too.

**Now that violence against the innocent unborn has become a celebrated and protected "right" here in America, our leaders are on the verge of legalizing human cloning. If we do not repent of our slaughter of 50 million innocent babies since 1973, OUR NATION IS DOOMED.

**Liberal educators are venerating Islam and, in California, schools that take pains to suppress the Bible are teaching students the fundamentals of Islam! Liberals, homosexuals, feminists and others are cheering on Islam, even though they would be executed in some Islamic countries! Why? They are allied in spirit by hatred for Christ, the Bible, and America's Judeo-Christian heritage.

**Persecution of Christians has escalated to frightening new heights around the world. Yet our government pursues economic and military alliances with nations where Christian persecution is routine and secretly vetoes legislation that would stop some of it.

**And growing violence points to the possibility of war between India and Pakistan, both nuclear powers.

Were it not for the knowledge that Jesus is Lord of all and has all things under control, we would be beside ourselves. But we desperately want our nation to return to Him, and we, too, want to be found faithful whatever the future may bring.

IN THIS EXTRAORDINARILY PERILOUS HOUR, when God's enemies are pressing in on every side, this time of remarkable challenge and spiritual warfare, God's people should be seeking His face as never before, crying out to Him with extraordinary prayer and fasting. Church prayer meetings should be filled to overflowing, BUT SUCH IS NOT THE CASE.

I'm writing you today, just to communicate and share the burden of my heart, and to ask you to join me in calling on the Lord more urgently than ever before. His extraordinary intervention into the affairs of our nation is our only hope. THE HOUR IS VERY LATE.

Would you reply with a brief note, just to say "Amen, I'm there too" or to share some thought, scripture or word of encouragement the Lord may have given to you?

Thank you... and thank you for being part of this prayer circle.

Yours in Jesus,
Harry Valentine, Founder/Publisher
The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert Foundation

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