"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

Christians Must Bring S. 27 Down With Prayer, Action


The McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Bill (S. 27) remains in play following failure of amendments by Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) that would have made the reform palatable to some Republicans and to the President.

--Instead of banning all corporate and union contributions to political parties, as does McCain's bill, Hagel's proposal would have limited corporate and individual "soft money" contributions to $60,000 per year. Also, Hagel's amendments would have increased the legal dollar limit individuals could contribute both to candidates and to political parties.
--An amendment by Sen. Paul Wellstone (R-MN), intended to keep non-profit groups like National Right to Life, Sierra Club and others from running radio and TV ads sixty days period prior to a national election, passed by a narrow 51-46 vote. Some Republicans who opposed the measure voted for it hoping the amendment would be the "poison pill" that kills the larger McCain bill. --Conservative patriarch Paul Weyrich suggests that McCain may switch parties and run against Bush as a Democrat in 2004. --McCain has imposed his bill upon the Senate schedule in such a way as to overshadow President Bush's agenda and to keep John McCain in the limelight.

The bill's intent and effect, to silence Christians and others, is both wicked and unconstitutional. Christians must "take the gloves off" and seriously beseech God to stop this evil bill making good use of imprecatory prayer.

Please Join Us in Agreeing Prayer:

-Heavenly Father, STIR UP Your people mightily to resist the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Bill. CAUSE A GROUNDSWELL of freedom-loving Americans to urge their Senators to JUST SAY NO! to S. 27 (Pr 28:4; Acts 4:18-20; 9:29). -COMPEL our Senators, Republicans & Democrats, alike, to UPHOLD their Constitutional oath by CRUSHING this bill. In Jesus' Name, Amen! (Ps 10:12-16; 90:4-10; Ecc 3:7; Amos 3:8; Gal 5:1; Eph 6:19-20; 2 Th 3:1).

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