"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)



For death has come through our windows, has entered our palaces, to kill off the children...and the young men...(Jer 9:21). Arise, cry out in the night... pour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord. Lift your hands toward Him for the life of your young children... (Lam 2:19).

This week, the nightly news hour was filled with stories of more school shootings: California, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Yet, how can this be? We have George W. Bush in the White House. John Ashcroft is the new Attorney General. Tax cuts are visible on the horizon. And Spring is just around the corner.

The American Church must give the Lord no rest (Isa 62:6). We know that God-given revival is our nation's only hope. God's people must weep day and night for the life of our children. Millions of murdered children in the womb, in-your-face debauchery in our youth culture, and apostasy within the Church will not go away because of a prayer meeting here and there. Only a never-ceasing heart-cry from God's people, led by His Spirit, will bring the necessary changes to the United States of America. "Now, therefore," says the Lord, "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping and with mourning" (Joel 2:12)

Please Join Us in Agreeing Prayer:

--Heavenly Father, America needs YOU! We need Your Spirit to move upon Your people to PRAY for our children and youth! We need Your Spirit to grant us REPENTANCE! As Moses prayed, so do we - we cannot go on without YOU! (Ex 33:12-23; Nu 14:5-25; Is 64:1-5; Heb 4:16; 10:36; Rev 3:14-22)

--Almighty God, MOTIVATE Your people to cry out to You day and night for our children and youth. Let us give You NO REST. Allow us to HUMBLE ourselves, PRAY to You, SEEK Your Face, and TURN from our wicked ways. And behold, His reward is with Him, and His work before Him! In the Mighty Name of Jesus, AMEN! (2 Chr 7:14; Is 62:all)

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