"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)



The February federal raid and seizure of an Indianapolis church has received little serious publicity. Unless there is a loud outcry from pastors and churches across America, one that produces a reversal of what happened in Indianapolis, FEBRUARY 13, 2001 WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS THE DAY FREEDOM OF RELIGION ENDED IN AMERICA.

--On that February day, eighty-five federal marshals and 70 city police seized the Indianapolis Baptist Temple complex and bodily-evicted Pastor Greg Dixon and four church members as they lingered in prayer at the altar.

--The IRS says that the church owes $6 million in taxes and penalties for failing to pay Social Security, Medicare and federal withholding taxes. The church is opposed, on religious and legal grounds, to paying or collecting such taxes and for fifty years has required its minister-employees to pay their own taxes directly to the IRS. IRS audits of 60+ church employees over 17 years substantiate this, but the seizure went forward none-the-less.

Tens of thousands of churches pay their ministry staffs similarly, as self-employed contractors. As Dr. Dixon was being carried away on a gurney, he warned, ''The purge is on!'' It is now incumbent upon all God-fearing American Christians, but especially pastors, to become thoroughly acquainted with this case. We must take a stand in support of Dr. Dixon, his church, and the principles of religious liberty so egregiously violated in this terrifying government action.

Get details at the church's Website: www.indianapolisbaptisttemple.org .

We will have more information soon at www.prayeralert.org/churchraid.html .

Please Join Us in Agreeing Prayer:

--Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ is Head of all things unto the Church! Come to the AID of Your People! HELP them COMPREHEND what has happened. May they truly UNDERSTAND the Biblical & Constitutional principles involved. (Hos 4:6a; Eph 1:18-23; Mt 10:17-20).

--AWAKEN your Pastors to ACTION! May President Bush, Attorney General John Ashcroft & Congress each UNDERSTAND & ARISE to support Your people. May they take quick action to RIGHT this terrible WRONG. In Jesus' Name. Amen. (2 Kg 23:33; 2 Chr 8:8; Ex 7:24; Neh 5:4-5; Est 9:24-25; 1Tim 2:1-2)

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