"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

Yet Danger Persists: So Must Prayer & Repentance!

The LORD sent Babylonian, Aramean, Moabite and Ammonite raiders...to destroy Judah...because of the sins of Manasseh...including the shedding of innocent blood. For he had filled Jerusalem with innocent blood and the LORD was not willing to forgive... (2 Kgs 24:2-4)

Today's headlines read 'THANK GOD, IT'S OVER' and thousands of DC area residents sighed in relief following the arrest of the men whose three-week shooting rampage at 13 sites in the region left ten dead and three wounded. But an evil threat continues to hang over DC and America.

The older of the two detainees, John Muhammad, 41, a former U.S. Army sergeant and 17 year convert to Islam, is thought to be a devotee of Nation of Islam and its leader Louis Farrakhan. Muhammad's accomplice, John Lee Malvo, 17, is a Jamaican citizen, illegally in the United States.

America's prisons are breeding grounds for Black Muslims who disciple disaffected black men and women into their religion that combines hatred for whites, Jews and America with militant Islamism.

While prayer and superior police-work led to the sniper arrest, that a homeless man and teenager could evade the FBI and the combined forces of several regional police departments and carry out an independent murder-terror campaign for three weeks shows that sophisticated, better-trained, fanatical terrorists could do as they wish except for God's restraining hand.

A bipartisan task force led by former U.S. Senators Warren Rudman (R-NH) and Gary Hart (D-CO) has issued its conclusion that America's transportation, water, food, power, communications and banking systems remain "easy targets" for terrorists despite all the government's best efforts. "It suggests that the task of protecting the nation is so complicated and expensive that the government's multibillion-dollar efforts will barely dent the problem" (W. Post, 10/25/02).

CIA Director George J. Tenet told Congress last week that the terrorist threat is as grave now as just before Sept. 11, 2001 and rated as "pretty high" the chance that a U.S.-led attack on Iraq would prompt the nightmare scenario of Baghdad assisting Islamic extremists in attacking the United States with weapons of mass destruction.

Washington, DC is America's abortion capital. Three babies are aborted here for every child allowed to live. The abortion rate in Maryland, too, is extremely high and Maryland taxpayers spend well over $2 million each year to fund abortions for low-income women.

Lawless terrorism - from violence in America's schools, to random sniper attacks, to sweeping Islamist offensives - will only increase if there is no repentance. The innocent blood of 50,000,000 aborted babies across the United States cries out to Him.

GOD IS CALLING AMERICA TO REPENT! Unless a God-sent visitation leads to Awakening & Repentance across our land, we may soon reap the full harvest from 30 years of sowing abortion.

Please Pray With Us:

Heavenly Father, THANK YOU for enabling the capture of the "Beltway Snipers". But Lord, WE ARE AS GUILTY as they are for having allowed the innocent bloodshed by abortion to go unstopped these many years.

Please grant us REPENTANCE. Please STIR YOUR CHURCH TO PRAYER & ACTION! Grant us CHANGE that Your MERCY might yet triumph OVER JUDGMENT. In Jesus' Name, Amen (2 Chr 7:14; Ps 106:38; Pr 6:17; Is 59:7; Jer 7:5-7; 22:3-5).

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