"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

Prayer Can Break These Spiritual Strongholds!

The look on their countenance witnesses against them, and they declare their sin as Sodom; They do not hide it... Woe to the wicked! It shall be ill with him, For the reward of his hands shall be given him... O My people! Those who lead you cause you to err, and destroy the way of your paths (Is 3:9-12).

What the liberal Democrat-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee has done by blocking the confirmation of conservative judges nominated to the Federal Bench by President Bush (e.g., Charles Pickering & Priscilla Owen), Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle has done with nearly every decent bill passed by the House of Representatives this year.

--Last week, House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX) called on Daschle to "Free the Daschle 50," (i.e., bring to the Senate floor 50 bills already passed by the House but now stalled on Daschle's desk).

--Among them are bills of special concern to Christians who understand that the very survival of our nation is tied to our moral and spiritual condition (e.g., the Human Cloning Prohibition Act; the Child Custody Protection Act; the Sudan Peace Act; the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act).

--The bills Daschle has obstructed are important - some are critical to the welfare of American families, the national economy and/or national defense (e.g., the Homeland Security Act; the Tax Relief Guarantee Act, the Personal Responsibility, Work, and Family Promotion Act; the Child Custody Protection Act, the Immigration Reform & Accountability Act; the Customs Border Security Act, the Child Sex Crimes Wiretapping Act, etc.).

Why would Daschle refuse to conduct "the people's business" by not delivering bills passed by the "people's House" to the Senate for consideration? Why would he abuse his power and outrageously defy the people? Is it the same harsh anti-life, pro-abortion, blinding ideology that drives the liberals on the Senate Judiciary committee? Is he trying to impress liberal activists - the campaign workers who will work the streets for Democrat candidates this fall and later for Daschle, himself, when he runs for President?

Whatever the reason behind Daschle's belligerence and his wicked obstruction of righteous legislation, this is not just an act of defiance against the Congress and the American people.


If the American people allow him to continue, we too, will pay a price for his sinful defiance.

Please Unite with us in Faith & Prevailing Prayer:

--Father, RESTRAIN the anti-life defiance of Sen. Daschle. GRANT Daschle to have a FEAR of GOD. CAUSE the Human Cloning Ban, Partial Birth Abortion Ban & the Sudan Peace Act miraculously to reach the Senate Floor & be passed by Your mercy.

--PROMOTE righteous men & women in the House & Senate this November & PUT DOWN the wicked. In Jesus' Name, Amen (1 Sam 17:25-26; 2 Kings 24:4; Neh 4:14; Pr 4:31-35; 28:4; 1 Cor 15:34).

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