"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

Daschle, White House Killed Bill; But Brownback Will Try Again!
Cloning, Hate Crimes May Amend Defense Authorization Act

Last Tuesday, the U.S. Senate, manipulated by Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) and lobbied to do so by White House operatives, prevented a vote on Senator Sam Brownback's (R-KS) anti-cloning amendment. The measure, attached to the White House-backed "Terrorism Insurance Bill," was prevented by the invocation of cloture, ending all further amendment or debate on the bill.

**Any cloning ban appears to be dead this year and advocates of cloning are celebrating. Pro-cloning forces, primarily biotech firms and scientists, are racing to birth the first cloned human baby before any federal ban on human cloning can be achieved.

**But Sen. Brownback is serious about his crusade to prevent embryonic human beings from becoming a commodity to be bought, sold, destroyed and cannibalized in modern America. His inspiration and zeal are reminiscent of British Parliamentarian William Wilberforce, who spent much of his public life laboring to end the slave trade in the British Empire.

**It has been reported by reliable sources that Brownback will make another effort to attach his bill as an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill next week, another bill of critical importance to the White House (and America). Since enough votes for a permanent, outright human cloning ban does not seem to exist at this time, Brownback's strategy is to make the patenting of human clones illegal. This would diminish the commercial motivation for the current cloning juggernaut.

**Lamentably, reports indicate Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) intends to attach his federal "Hate Crimes" bill as an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill, also.

The battle for America's soul rages in Washington, DC, with many champions for evil and fewer champions for good. Intrigue and spiritual warfare will be intense this week. An anti-cloning victory seems impossible, but if William Wilberforce was able to end the institution of slavery in the British Empire, Sen. Brownback, with God's help and our prayers, can win a victory in the fight to stop human cloning in America.

Please Join Us in Faith-filled, Prevailing Prayer:

**Lord, we need a Miracle. GRANT Sen. Brownback a strategy that will DEFEAT those who do not share the value You place on human life. RISE UP, OH GOD, to DEFEAT the perverse Hate Crimes bill. PREVENT it from Senate passage in any form. Cause a good Defense Authorization Bill to be passed next week. May it contain an amendment that makes the cloning of human embryos a federal crime. In Jesus' Name, Amen (Ex 21:22-25; Pr 24:11-12; 28:4; 31:8-9; Ps 10:17-18; 139:13; Jer 1:5; Mt 18:6-7; 25:44-46).

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