"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

A Nuclear Conflagration Could Kill Millions

Armed conflict between India and Pakistan has brought the two nuclear powers to the brink of full-scale war. Their use of nuclear weapons would mean death for millions, heighten the worldwide terrorist Jihad, and potentially detonate World War III. President Bush has dispatched Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to intercede between the nations' leaders. Christians everywhere should cry out to God and plead for His merciful interposition!

* Religious hatred has burned between Pakistani Muslims and Indian Hindus since 1947, when Pakistan separated from India and both nations gained independence from Great Britain. The region of Kashmir, despite its Muslim majority, remained part of India. Since then India and Pakistan have fought three wars over Kashmir.

* Fanatic Muslims and Hindus have now fanned their rage to produce new levels of violence. Pakistani militias have murdered growing numbers of Indian soldiers, police and civilians. The radicals who plotted and executed the 9-11 WTC-Pentagon attacks in America (the Taliban and Afghan Al Quaeda) are deeply involved in this new Jihad against India.

* Pakistan and India are both critical to the success of America s war in Afghanistan. Besides the death and devastation a nuclear war would bring to the region, our military progress in Afghanistan would largely be undone. Red China, with a history of tension with India and plans to invade Taiwan, is watching as America s military is stretched to capacity by our War against Terrorism.

* Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, who has played a courageous role in helping the U.S. in the Afghan war, is also the object of rage from Islamists in his own nation. His hold on power is tenuous and his regime faces imminent danger of a coup or armed revolution. Experts warn that Musharraf, now targeted by radical Islamist assassins, cannot survive another year.

* Pakistani troops have been redeployed from the Afghan border to the Kashmir region. Without Pakistani troops to seal the border, U.S. Forces cannot hope to rout the Al Quaeda and Taliban in the Afghan mountains. Even with the Pakistan military guarding the border, preventing Al Quaeda and Taliban forces from escaping into Pakistan has been difficult. Now it will be impossible.

* India's Ambassador to the U.S. has declared that military action is now his nation's only option. Experts warn that Pakistan could easily rationalize the use of nuclear weapons against its much larger and stronger neighbor. Indian retaliation could lead to the immediate death of 12 million people and millions more later from fallout radiation. U.S. agencies, planning to evacuate Americans from the region, have already urged over 60,000 American citizens living in India, to return to the U.S.

Is God beginning to loose a new level of horrific judgments upon the nations? Will He use the heathen nations to punish one another, America and the West for our idolatry and infidelity? Will millions soon perish without Jesus Christ? Christians must rush to repentance and seek the Face of our All Powerful, Sovereign God, who alone is able to rule and restrain the nations, and prevent a devastating war.

Let Us Join Together in Unceasing Prayer for Mercy:

* Lord Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace, only You can bring any lasting peace. RULE over Pakistan & India! RESTRAIN the Islamist terrorists & fanatical Hindus.

* Grant Secretary Rumsfeld WISDOM & SUCCESS. Grace America with REPENTANCE, REVIVAL & REFORMATION. Let us yet be a vessel in Your Hands among the nations. In Jesus' Name, Amen (2 Chr 7:14; Job 38:22-23; Ps 2: all; 76: all; 120: all; Ecc 9:17-18; Is 9:6-7; 43:24-25; 1 Pet 3:10-12).

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