"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


By Dr. Jay Grimstead

(Editor's Note: Dr. Jay Grimstead is the founder and director of the Coalition on Revival (COR). He was a personal friend and co-laborer with the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer in the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy and considers Dr. Schaeffer his mentor. Dr. Grimstead has been a close friend and advisor to The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert Foundation for many years.)

The urgent burden on my heart, and what I believe is on God's heart, is the desperate and immediate need to hold Solemn Assemblies in every major and midsize city in America during 2002. It may be that only about five percent of all Evangelical Christians are capable of seeing this urgent need and have the courage to make Solemn Assemblies happen in their cities. But I believe that Solemn Assemblies are what we need to stay the hand of God's righteous judgment against the American Church and against the nation.

In such Solemn Assemblies we must publicly repent of our sins as the Church and as American citizens for allowing our culture to degenerate from being a Christianized society into becoming a society where open sewage and gross injustice flows through our streets daily. In that setting our local Christian and civic leaders should read aloud a document of repentance that lists our sins and states a recommitment of our covenant to live in serious obedience to the Bible and pleads with God to stay His hand of judgment which we so richly deserve as a nation.

These Solemn Assemblies should be modeled after the primary example in scripture found in Nehemiah chapter 9. That was our model as we held Solemn Assemblies with national Christian leaders in Washington, D.C., July 4, 1986 and then October 1996. The documents of repentance and recommitment to God used for both Solemn Assemblies can be downloaded at www.Reformation.net and www.repent.org. These documents may be used "as is" in any Solemn Assembly or used as a model for a city group which wishes to create it's own "Document of Repentance and Recommitment to God."

I believe that if the small "remnant" of the "Gideon's men" who make up the courageous, clear-thinking, Biblical Christians at this crises moment in history do not arise in the next twelve months to hold such serious, public Solemn Assemblies to repent, recommit to their covenant of obedience to God and plead with God to stay His hand of Judgment on America and on the Church, that America (as a free, constitutional republic) will die and be replaced by a globalist, tyrannical police state which tramples on the U.S. Constitution and intentionally persecutes outspoken Christians.

Humanism, which institutionally controls most areas of life in America, inevitably leads to tyranny and the destruction of human lives, freedom and creativity. It can go no other way if it is not stopped and turned around by God & us.

So whatever happens with terrorists or national enemies, we had better fear the judgment of God Almighty more than we fear the horrors and chaos human enemies can bring upon us. I believe we should have more fear of America becoming a tyrannical police state than we fear terrorists or other national enemies. It would be immensely easy for our American leaders, even with noble motives, to fall into a police state unintentionally as they try to respond to great threats to our security and stability.

Therefore, I plead with all Christians who have any leadership role with any church, denomination, organization, or who are in public office to take this on as God's reasonable, holy call for repentance for the Church and for this nation and do whatever they can to call into being, multi-church Solemn Assemblies in every city and town across this land.

God is angry with us. Please make some phone calls this week in your local county to get this going. This week, form a committee to discuss this and make it happen in your town in the next few months. It is gross, unbiblical foolishness to think we Christians in America do not have to take repentance seriously immediately.

I believe a Biblical Solemn Assembly should include these ingredients: --There should be a written document of repentance for specific sins with a recommitment of obedience to God's Word, a document that is publishable in the local newspapers. --The local leaders who approve or create this document should represent Christian elected officials, Church leaders and possibly business, educational and media leaders. As many as possible should be present at the event to help lead in repentance. -- The Solemn Assembly should include as many Christian churches as are willing to participate.
NOTE: Just to gather a bunch of Christians together (even thousands of Christians) for preaching, prayer, worship, weeping and emotions is not an adequate "Solemn Assembly" whatever else it may legitimately be called. There needs to be a written document, as was used in Nehemiah 9, read aloud by local leaders that lists specific sins accompanied with a covenant commitment to live in obedience to God's Bible to which the participants also make a solemn vow.
God help us!

Please Join Us in Unrelenting Prayer:
--Almighty God, if the American Church continues to turn away from You and Your Word we will be utterly destroyed. No man can save us. But if Your people meet Your conditions, there is still hope. AWAKEN your Church to the urgency of the hour. CAUSE Your people to gather in Solemn Assemblies across America. In Jesus' Name, AMEN! (Dt 8:19-20; Josh 24:20; Ezra 10:1-3; Ps 9:17; Is 5:5-6; Jonah 3:8- 10).

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