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Let Us Interview the Men at Valley Forge


If you ever forget the Lord your God and follow other gods and worship and bow down to them, I testify against you today that you will surely be destroyed." (Deuteronomy 8:14)

What if we could actually return to Valley Forge in December 1777, and could talk to Gen. George Washington's troops? We might tell them about life now, some two-and-a-quarter centuries later; about our homes, automobiles, computers, prosperity, airplanes, entertainment, TV's, movies, music, politics, etc. No doubt it would amaze them.

However, what if they asked us about our values? What if they asked us about what we believed in now? Whether the idea of freedom was still in our hearts? What would we say? What if somewhere in our conversation with them we said the following: "You know, your sacrifice, suffering, and even death, there in Valley Forge - and throughout that Revolutionary War - provided us with a most wonderful freedom. It gave us the special freedom to kill our unborn!" How do you think they would react?

They might say, "What do you mean, 'kill your unborn'? Do you mean, a baby, in the womb, before it is born - you kill it then?"

"Yes, the freedom to choose this has become very important to women."

"You mean a mother in your day would do that, kill her unborn baby? And that it is important to her to be able to do so if she wishes?"

We might try to explain, "You see, two-and-a-quarter centuries in the future, women will believe that the freedom for which you sacrificed, gives them the right to kill their unborn."

"What about the fathers? What do they think?"

"As far as the fathers are concerned, the freedom for the mothers means that the fathers can't say anything."

"But, then the fathers don't have any freedom."

"Yes, and since the unborn baby, I mean fetus, is in a mother's body, it's her body, so the freedom is only for her."

Before they could respond, perhaps we went on, "But another freedom you sacrificed to give us, is to make it possible for children to be adopted by two men or two women who are living together, who are a couple."

"'Living together' and 'are a couple' means like husband and wife?"


"Do people do that in your day, openly that is?"

"People believe they should have that right."

"And you put children with them?"

"Of course. It's part of the wonderful freedom you've given us; which by the way, has also made it possible for us to teach our children in school about the freedoms I've mentioned, like a mother being able to kill her unborn and people of the same sex living together and adopting children!"

"You mean you teach children about those kinds of things?"

"Yes, in school and other places."

"Doesn't anyone in your day think these things are wrong?"

"Oh, some people object, religious people and some others. But most people either think these things are all right or they don't care."

After our interview, how inspired might those men at Valley Forge have been to stay and bear the sacrifices of that war which birthed our America?

What have we done with their sacrifice?

Let us pray together: Our gracious Father, thank you for the gift of America. You have given us a beautiful land. Men such as were at Valley Forge made enormous sacrifices to bring this nation into being. We are grieved at what we are doing with what we have received. We are killing millions of our unborn and rationalizing immorality and perversion. Worse, we are doing such sinning with arrogance. We're sinning boldly. Gracious Lord, forgive us. May Your Church understand this hour and lead the way in humble repentance. And may our America have a spiritual awakening and a rebirth of grateful thanksgiving to You for our country. In the Name of Your Son, and our Savior and Lord, Amen."

John O. Anderson is the author of a new book, A ROAR IN SODOM - The Church's Needed Voice (Bridge-Logos, 2001). It may be secured from this web site. Anderson travels in ministry regularly, speaking in churches and groups on prayer, revival, and the Church's important role today. He may be contacted about meetings or to make comments about this article either through this web site or at cryminjohn@aol.com.

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