"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

Christians Face Massacre in Indonesia, Elsewhere

[Ed. Note - The CHPA facilitates focused prayer over U.S. issues. This Prayer Alert is a special response to appeals from our brethren in Indonesia. Their plight is a result of the larger "Jihad" (Holy War) being waged by radical Muslims against Christians and Jews everywhere, the same Jihad to which our War on Terrorism is the U.S. response.]

The United Nations has warned that heavily armed Muslims are preparing to attack over 60,000 Christian villagers on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Christians in the island town of Tentena have begged for our prayers in the face of imminent attack and likely slaughter by the "Laskar Jihad Army." What is happening in Indonesia is evidence of the growing worldwide "Jihad."

--Dozens of Christian villages have been leveled and burned and at least 7 people have been killed on Sulawesi during the last week. Churches and hundreds of homes have been destroyed leaving thousands of men, women and children homeless.

--Seven thousand Jihad troops, trained by the Afghan Al Queda, are advancing on Tentena, vowing to give Christians a "Bloody Christmas" and to gain control of the town by December 16, the end of Ramadan. Christians, the vast majority unarmed, fear a wholesale slaughter by a well organized, uniformed militia equipped with machine-guns, bombs, rocket launchers, circular saws and bulldozers. Their banners and placards claim Osama Bin Laden to be their leader.

--While the Indonesian government promises to send troops to "restore security," Christians have no hope that they will act in time to prevent a slaughter. Reports from towns already attacked say government troops have either stood by and done nothing or actually joined in with the Muslims to loot and destroy.

--In recent weeks, terrorism and outright war against Christians and Jews by Muslim radicals has escalated in Israel, Indonesia, the Sudan, the Philippines and elsewhere. What can and will the U.S. do?

Americans only now are awakening to the worldwide "Jihad." For years dozens of radical Muslim groups have openly declared all-out "holy war" against Israel, the U.S. and even moderate Muslim nations, but we have paid little attention. These radicals, instructed by the Koran, are waging a war-to-the-death against Christians and Jews. Islam is not the "good" and "peaceful" faith many want to believe. Islam's remarkable growth, escalating terrorism against Israelis and Americans, and the wholesale slaughter of Christians in Indonesia, Sudan and elsewhere, all in the name of Allah, point to a harsh new reality with which we must contend in the 21st century.

This is foremost a spiritual war, and cannot be won without active engagement by God's people in prayer and spiritual warfare. Christians must learn to pray for victory in this war, and pray for our brethren who daily face persecution and death at the hands of Muslim radicals.

Please Join Us in Persevering Prayer:

--Father, PROTECT your children in Indonesia. Crush the Muslim Jihad there. COMPEL their government to do its God-given job -- bear the sword to protect the innocent & punish evildoers. GIVE Your Children STRENGTH to STAND amid persecution, loss & the threat of death (Ps 91:all; Mt 5:10-12; Rom 13:3-4).

--AWAKEN the American Church to REPENT & PRAY! Enable Your Church to understand this Jihad. GRANT VICTORY over Your enemies -- where possible, by the Gospel -- where necessary, by the sword. GIVE the U.S., Israel & our allies victory over all "terrorists" & those who help them. In Jesus' Name, Amen (Ex 23:20-22; 23:25a, 27; Lev 26:3, 7-8; Nu 10:9; Zech 12:3).

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