"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)

Israel or Coalition Arabs? Pleasing Both Impossible

For thus says the LORD of hosts... he that touches you [Israel] touches the apple of his eye... Be silent, O all flesh, before the LORD: for he is raised up out of his holy habitation. (Zec 2:7-13)

With military conflict escalating between Israelis and Palestinians, President Bush faces an impossible task: trying to placate our Arab partners in the anti-terrorism coalition and remaining true to our Israeli allies. If America abandons Israel, will God abandon America?

--Having grown weary of being denied by the UN & the U.S. the freedom to defend its own people, Israel has now fully embraced the "Bush Doctrine" for dealing with "terrorists and those who harbor them."

--After Wednesday's assassination of a popular member of the Israeli Knesset and the Palestinian authorities' refusal to hand over the assassins, Israel sent tanks and armored vehicles into PA-controlled towns.

--Earlier this month, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told reporters that U.S. efforts to win Arab support for a war on terrorism would not stop Israel from taking "all necessary measures" to defend its citizens. "Do not try to appease the Arabs at our expense," he said, "... Israel will fight terrorism... [We] have only ourselves to rely on, and as of today, we will only rely on ourselves."

--Meanwhile at an international council of Arab nations, the leaders in attendance affirmed their support for U.S. action against the Taliban, but balanced their expressions of support with two disclaimers: U.S. support for Israel remains troublesome and any U.S. strike against Iraq or any other Muslim nation will lead to the dissolution of the coalition.

--Evidence is mounting that Iraq is behind anthrax attacks in Florida, New York, Washington, DC, and elsewhere. Among world nations, only the U.S., Russia, Great Britain and Iraq have the ability to produce the "high grade" anthrax used in the attacks.

--Some of the Arab members of the coalition have experienced widespread anti-U.S., anti-Israel protest, some threatening to become full-fledged civil wars. No Arab nation will continue to support the coalition at the price of civil war in its own country.

A few of President Bush's policy decisions perplex CHPA, including his support for a Palestinian State. Christian leaders close to President Bush tell CHPA that much of the president's rhetoric is strictly political and that behind the scenes he is doing the right things. We hope so. With or without America, God WILL fulfill all his Biblical promises to the Jewish people regarding their God-given homeland.

Please Join us in Steadfast, Believing Prayer:

--Heavenly Father GUIDE our President. Cause him to Draw near to You, Hear Your voice, Know Your Word and Do Your will. May the U.S. remain steadfastly loyal to Israel.

--Govern the Arab nations. Supernaturally quell their bitter rage. Use this war to open the Muslim nations to the gospel. In Jesus' Name, Amen (Gen 12:2-3; 15:8; 17:8; 28:13-15; Ps 121:4-8; Jer 32:27-33:26).

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