"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


God-given Discernment, Biblical Wisdom are Vital!

Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made... for kings and all who are in authority... (1 Tim 2:1,2).

President Bush has provided decisive, inspirational leadership amid our national crisis. An unprecedented 90% of Americans give him their hearty approval. But our president needs supernatural discernment to avoid actions that will eventually undermine our defense effort.

--It is reported that Colin Powell and the State Department are seeking to recruit nations for the multinational coalition that are, themselves, notorious instigators of terrorism (e.g., Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority, Bashar Assad's Syria and Ayatollah Khameini's Iran). God gave nations the power of the sword to exercise justice but condemns evil alliances (2 Chr 16:7-9; Is 31:1-3; 2 Cor 6:14).

--Some of our historic allies are demanding veto power as the price for their commitment to the coalition. Washington Democrats, outwardly supporting our President, are ferociously undermining his policies behind the scenes and hamstringing his administration's ability to function effectively by preventing confirmation of Bush's critical top personnel appointees.

--Without God's blessing, unity at home or abroad could unravel at any time. If we advance on the strength of pride, patriotism, and faith in our mixed alliance, we may discover that God has not gone with us.

Pastor David Wilkerson, at his Times Square Church near the decimated World Trade Center, declared America's only hope may be a Josiah revival "if this President proves to be a Josiah...who trembles at the Word." (2 Kg 22:1-23:28 - see http://www.timessquarechurch.org/wtc/01-nl14.html. Wilkerson's sermon is available in audio format at http://www.timessquarechurch.org/media/010916-3-b.ram ).

Please Join us in Believing Prayer:

--Father, when they sought You, You led the God-fearing kings of Judah to victory over their enemies. May President Bush SEEK & FIND Your GUIDANCE. GRANT our President DISCERNMENT to avoid all unholy alliances. Strengthen him to REJECT all UNSOUND & UNGODLY ADVICE from his counselors (1 Sam 23:2-5; 30:8-19; 2 Sam 5:19-21, 23-25; 1 Kg 22:5ff; 2 Chr 16:7-9; 26:5-16).

--May America's preachers speedily & successfully CALL AMERICA TO REPENTANCE (Is 56:10; 58:1; Lk 13:4-5; 24:46-47; Rom 5:20).

--ANOINT our President to call America to REPENTANCE, as did the Continental Congress & later President Lincoln in their respective times of war (see Repentance under Asa - 2 Chr 14-16; Jehoshaphat - 2 Chr 17-20; Jehoida - 2 Chr 23-24; Hezekiah - 2 Chr 29-32; Josiah - 2 Chr 34-35; Zerubbabel - Ezr 1-6; Ezra - Ezr 7-10; Nehemiah - Neh 1-13; Joel - Joel 1-2:27).

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